Friday, April 9, 2010

Tonight's Agenda

Hey Blogger Friends!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful Friday night and great weekend!

What's on my agenda?

After work tonight, I am heading to meet 3 friends and we are going to the Verizon Arena!!!

Yes. It's Concert time; which makes for one happy girl here!

The line up tonight consists of:
The Lost Trailers is the opening band.

Songs by them you might know:
"How 'bout you don't" {lyrics} {Video}
"Holler Back" {lyrics} {Video}

I am looking forward to seeing this group very VERY much!!!
Lady Antebellum.
They are quickly becoming one of my favorites! They have a few songs that I originally heard last spring that are finally making there way on the radio. I have heard they are wonderful in concert, so I am ready to see them.
I love all of their songs but especially these:
"American Honey" {lyrics} {video}
"All we'd ever need" {lyrics} {video}
"I run to you" {lyrics} {Video}
"Looking for a good time" {lyrics} {video}
"Need you now" {lyrics} {video}

Then the main man will take the stage....Mr. Tim McGraw!
I would put links up for his songs; but there would be way to many. Those of you who would click the links, I am sure you know plenty of his songs! If not, go to youtube or and you can discover him!
I am a fan of all of his "old" songs. I am interested to see how long he plays for and which ones he chooses to perform from his past CD's. And will love the songs from "Southern Voice" too!
Pictures and thoughts on tonight's concert will be coming your way.... Stay tuned!

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