Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where do I begin... Stagecoach 2010

Bright and Early Friday morning (4:30am to be exact,) I finished packing and headed to the airport with my sweet Dad. On the way there, the first 4 songs were by artists that were going to play at Stagecoach! {You would have thought I'd had 4 cups of coffee instead of 4 hours of sleep; I was that excited.}

After a hop over to Memphis, then a 5 hour flight- I was officially in my "home-away-from-home" {that I had never been to a year ago} Los Angeles. My wonderful friend Megan took her lunch break to pick me up from the airport. I dropped her off and was starving. I wasn't going to go here, but couldn't resist the patio on Main St. in Venice {blog followers, bet you know where I went}. Urth Cafe it was and such a lovely day to sit outside. This was my trade instead of a power nap. Looking back, glad I picked it.
Nothing is a welcome like sunny California.
Back in October, Megan and I talked about attending Stagecoach. We debated back and forth if we were going to go; both eager to go, but looking at our schedules to see if we could pull it off. We COULD. Therefore we booked the tickets and were on our way to Dessert Springs, California for the weekend.
One of my best friends, Miss Megan & I, Friday night

On the radio, they announced that Morongo Casino {on our way} was having a FREE "pre-stagecoach' concert for Friday night. Of course we couldn't wait till Saturday to start off the festivities. Brett knew he would be missing out on a fabulous weekend so he hopped in too and we headed out of LA after they got off work for a mini California Road-trip!
We made perfect timing to Morongo Casino to see Steel Magnolias and Easton Corbin.
Steel Magnolia's is an up and coming duo. They have recently hit the charts with "Keep On Loving You"
And this man...Reminds me of a younger George Strait {yes. it's. true.} Easton Corbin. "A Little More Country Than That"

What a great way to kick-off the weekend! We had lots of laughs Friday Night thanks to a short fella with his hands in his pockets, a guy asking for "advice" for his roommate who cheated on his girlfriend and was trying to lie about it {aka dug a hole even deeper}, refusing to give out a number, and great music. We finished up the last 20 minutes of the drive and called it a night at the Marriot Desert Springs. Saturday morning we woke up to this view from our balcony.
Grabbed Starbucks in the Hotel Lobby and by 8am we were here.
Coffee. Swimsuit. Sunshine. Magazines. Pool. Great Friends. Throw in a Football QB Hottie and his friends/family celebrating him being drafted. Add a few tropical beverages.
And the above picture turns into this (below) in a matter of minutes.
Before we knew it, it was Stagecoach time!
Quick Pose in the Lobby! Love this one Meg!! Possibly my favorite of the weekend!
Well and this one below. Perfect description of the three of us. We had an elderly man take our picture and this was the first take.
Much Better! All Smiles. Ready to go!!!
Indio Empire Polo Club in Coachella Village.
The Main "Mane" Stage
Think 60,000 of your closet friends, all spread out on the polo field. The view behind us. People were packed all the way to the white tents.
Would be lying if I said I didn't miss my California friends! Had such a blast with them this weekend.

Phil Vassar then Billy Currington on the stage! Sadly- stupidly- left my new camera at home; old digital camera ran out of batteries, so the iPhone came through again!
"Life is Great. Beer is Good. And People are Crazy." -Billy Currington
Loved looking back at the tents and the Ferris wheel all lit up!
Time for some SUGARLAND!!!! Such a great performance by them! Had the entire crowd up dancing and singing along. Plus they played a bunch of my favorite songs and "theme" songs! Pretty sure the first four they played, I informed B & M that they were "my" songs. lol
And then...
Mr. Keith Urban put on a show to end the night off right!
Sunday, day 2 was very similar! We wanted it no other way.
Breakfast at the pool!
Crowds and Cute Boys for us {& girls for Brett}
Perfection in the simplest form.
First up a local band then Heidi Newfield followed by Jason Aldean.
It was definitely hot in the desert on Sunday! We loved being by the pool and able to chill off, and were very thankful for the breeze in the desert. Could've been much worse, so I'm not complaining, I was just glad I was getting a tan! But I had a long way to try to catch up to these two.
Megan & Brett waiting for the next band to start.
A before and after look behind us! We were glad we got our spot when we did. We were about halfway to the stage.
Another quick picture before the sun goes down...
A little dinner before Brooks & Dunn hit the stage... Pizza and Fries : )

Brooks & Dunn

Such a beautiful night!
And last but certainly not least, Toby Keith.
Bittersweet calling it a weekend and heading back to LA. Played and ran errands on Monday- saw a few co-workers then Megan, Brandon, Clifford, Rubin, and I went to a Japanese restaurant before I headed to the airport. Had the pleasure of experiencing my first red-eye flight. It wasn't too bad especially since I had 3 seats to spread out in!

Loved playing all weekend with my friends, meeting lots of people, seeing my old co-workers/friends, and of course shopping (just a little). Back in Arkansas recovering from Jet-lag and getting ready to work on Young Designs and Sugarsave this week. Look for my next post on my new marketing job, LR Metro Director for SugarSave!!!!

Hope Everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Stagecoach looks like such a blast! And I love your dress in the first couple pictures!

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  2. Awe Thanks Taryn!!! You are too sweet, so glad you found my blog : ) I love new followers!!! Hope you have a great week!