Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here Comes the Bride...

Here Comes the Bride, and Check out Her.....
{Photo Credits: Bride with Yellow Shoes by Jose Villa, Bride with Red Shoes by TheKnot,
Bride with Blue Shoes by Leigh Taylor, Bride with Purple Shoes by Bristol Wedding Photography}

Every Tuesday, I do a "trend" over on Young Designs Blog!!! I had to share today's trend with my readers just in case you don't follow Young Designs! It is all about hot, fun, sexy, and Gor-ge-OUS shoes for Brides to express their individual personality on their wedding day! How fun! I am in Heaven talking about and looking at these SHOES! Check out the post {Here}.

If your Married: What shoes did you wear on your wedding day??
Getting Married: What are your thoughts on wearing "out-there" shoes? What are you planning to wear?
Not walking-down-the-aisle-just-yet: What are your favorites/What style or color would you choose?
Guys: What are your thoughts or could you care less about the girls' shoes?

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