Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Friday night, a few friends went out to eat at Cajun's Wharf in Little Rock to celebrate mine and Natalie's Birthdays!!! Natalie turned 23 on March 26 and I am 22 for just a few more days until the 19th of April. So we met in the middle to celebrate : ) Plus it worked out perfectly to celebrate on the 2nd, since a few Fayetteville friends were heading home for Easter. We had such a fun dinner catching up, laughing and letting loose!
Hannah, Me, Nat, & Megan
So glad Chelsea (pic above) & Ashley (pic below) could make it! Poor Ashley was such a trooper even though she didn't feel good at all.
All the Girls at After Thought
And a little Dancin' occured as well...
The Birthday Girls! Loved having a co-dinner Natalie!
Happy that Hannah and Megan could come!
Here with our favorite soon-to-be Teacher, Chelsea!!
Seth's Birthday was April 1, so we let him celebrate with us Friday night too!
And another group picture of the girls!!! Love you all and Thank you for helping us celebrate our birthdays!!! I am so blessed to call you all friends! You are wonderful and make me a better person! Thanks for Everything :)

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