Monday, April 5, 2010

Week in Memphis

March 22-27 I spent the week with the Rose's in Memphis!!! They were having a garage sale so I went over to give them another hand! Now if you haven't had a garage sale before, I will warn is a lot of work. However, I think somehow I secretly love them. Yes I am odd. We worked away pricing items and cleaning out attics all week. It was a family affair (lol) and they adopt me every now and then! I just love this family and I enjoyed spending the week with them. We decided next time I come for the week, it will be a craft week! Right Mrs. Denise??
To be honest- we didn't look picture perfect for most of the week; so Chelsea and I grabbed a quick picture one night when we looked half-way decent! Love you friend! So glad we got to spend the week together! (Please don't hate me forever- that I talked you into spending your last spring break as a student doing a garage sale!!! Promise I will do a few bulletin boards in your classroom in exchange! Yes folks-I secretly love that too!)

AND....The highlight of our week.....Drum Roll Please.........
Yes. It. IS. TRUE. Memphis has just gotten an ANTHROPOLOGIE in the Saddle Creek Shopping Area!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!! Love this store. It is so inspiring and creative for the design eye, but full of goodies for everyone: soaps, dresses, candles, shirts, accessories, skirts, linens, purses, dishes, and lots more!

After our field trip, we got ready for the sale on Friday and Saturday!!! Here is a look so you can appreciate the time we put into this sale! It was very successful and I am so glad that it worked out for me to be in Memphis this week!

And now... My mother is ready for us to have our sale! So I am sure there will be another Garage Sale post soon, but this one will be in Arkansas!


  1. So fun! That was such a fun week even though we were all soooo tired most of the time! I still can't thank you enough for all of your help though! We could not have done it without you and you were amazing!

  2. Aww you are too sweet! I had a blast with you and your family! Thank you so much for everything! Can't wait to see ya soon!